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Cane Creek S3 Plus 5 Headset

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ImageA lot of today's newest forks have a lot going on top of the crown. Ride height adjustment knobs, lockout knobs, remote lockouts, air spring caps, preload knobs and the like. The advancement in fork technology is great but unfortunately a lot of times frames are not or cannot be built to accommodate the extra "stuff" going on of top of a fork. This seems to be even more prevalent these days with 29'er MTB frames. What happens is frame interference when the handle bar and fork are turned at an extreme angle. You know like when you eat it and cross up the bars? Let's be clear, when I say interference I mean damage. If you are lucky it might mean a little paint scratch on your downtube. If you are not so lucky you damage the part on the fork that contacted the frame or worse yet you dent the frame. The later happened to a custom steel MTB frame owned by a Bikeman.com webmaster that we will not mention. (Psss, it was Wally) Ouch, that is no way to treat your steed. Anyway, the Cane Creek S-3 Plus 5 solves all that. It is the same great headset as a standard S-3 with an extra 5mm of stack on the bottom cup. This put another 5mm between your frame and a potential offender on your fork. Sounds good to me. These are available now.

Big Al
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