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Summer Sizzler

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

The new frame was put to the test on a rather tough course that sees more than it's share of horse traffic, has lots of erosion-exposed roots and ruts, and several hundred feet of climbing per lap. As has been the trend this year, it was another muddy course as it rained most of the previous day and a light mist kept things wet during the race. The Moto can be described in three words: nimble, forgiving, and FAST! This bike made playing in the mud on this technical course fun!

The race organizers originally decided that the experts would do four laps but after a couple of laps were done they realized that the conditions were dictating 50+ minute lap times and they cut the number to three. At the end of the second lap they told us we only had one more to go. What a relief it was to hear this! I was starting to wonder if I had two more laps left in my legs. With the good news came a burst of energy and I accelerated in an attempt to drop the rider that had been on my wheel for the last lap and a half. All went well until my front wheel washed out in a slight turn in the trail that was submerged in muddy water. I went down fast and slid head/shoulder first towards the butt end of a cut log. I stopped short of slamming into it full speed and just bumped it with my right shoulder.....LUCKY. Surprisingly both bike and body were undamaged and I finished up the rest of last lap without incident and grabbed a 4th place podium spot. Happy trails.

Eric Paysen


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