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The E100 50 Mile Solo

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

ImageIn what has to be among the most, it not the most difficult 50 and 100 mile endurance races in the country, Park City's own Boris Lyubner has really put together a masterpiece of some of the greatest trails on earth. Linking trail systems located on the properties of three different world renowned ski resorts, as well as several miles of private and US Forest Service trails, #2 in the E100 series is 95% world class, sweeter that you can imagine single track. The total vertical gain for the 100 mile course is 18,627, so the 50 mile "warm-up" race is around half that, or about 9,300 feet.

ImageMy goal was to finish in the top 25%. With 78 racers starting the race, that meant I needed to be no worse than 20th. After the first stage (20.6 mi with 3472 ft. of climbing), I was happy to learn that I was in 19th place, nicely on track, but very little room for error. After the second stage, or the "Queen's Stage" as I like to call it (18.9 mi with 4229 ft. of climbing), I was thrilled to have improved my position to 16th overall. All I had to do now was keep the wheels on it and stay out of trouble. Stage 3, or the stage from hell as I now like to call it (10.5 mi with 1599 ft. of climbing), was where I fell apart. After 5 miles of passing no one and getting passed by no one, it seemed like 16th place was in the bag. Then somehow, in my delusional, dehydrated state, I missed a well marked turnoff and pedaled a mile up a very steep climb. To make a long story short, by the time I got back on track, my 50 mile race with 9.3K of climbing turned into a 52 mile race with about 9.8K of climbing. Final result drum roll please 20th! Yeah baby! Good enough! Had I not gotten lost and factoring in a few DNF's in the front of the field that I know of, I think I may have finished around 12th or 13th.

By the way, Tinker got lost on the first section, passed me at around mile 22 and went on to finish a very hard earned 3rd.

Next up: The full blown 100 miler - August 27, 2005. See www.thee100.com

Troy Nye
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