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Nutmeg Classic Criterium

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

It was 20 laps on a crit course where there are no real corners, just wide swooping turns that you can pedal all the way through, and one small hill. Nice road surface too, which I am not used to.

I must say these masters guys do it right, fast and smooth...it was very quick, and it seemed like the field was constantly strung out, none of the bunch-up-and-accelerate I am used to in the 4's. Everyone rides their line, there are few sketchy maneuvers, and everyone keeps their mouths shut. A good time, indeed.

I sat towards the back with no problems for most of the race. There were lots of attacks off the front but no real breaks. To be honest, nothing really noteworthy happened, no crashes, no jerks to contend with, just good 'ol racing. With about 3 laps to go, I moved up towards the front of the field. I was probably in 10th or so on the last lap, but it got scary fast at the end, I ended up sprinting against all these cat. 2's and 3's so I totally got my butt handed to me, and a bunch of guys passed me before the line. I managed 21st place out of around 60 starters. It was a good finish, not the usual mad scramble. I had space aplenty to empty the tank, no crisscrossing wheels or elbows flying.

I was the 2nd cat. 4 racer across the line, which I felt pretty good about, plus I beat a bunch of cat. 2's and 3's in the process! When I turn 35, I'm definitely going to do more masters races!

Steve Morse

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