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Mid-Atlantic Super Series

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

The weather was perfect and the trails were in great shape. Experts did 4 laps. I was not victim, but lots of folks seemed to flat, a few folks more than once. I dropped my extra CO2 for a friend in need. A couple of poorly placed rocks and litterbug glass were the culprits. With two puncture free tires full of air and rolling smooth I came across at 7th (Out of 16 starters).

MASS #5, French Creek, Birdsboro, PA, 5/22/05: Longest race of the MASS series at 3 X 9 mile loops (Expert) full of rocks & rocks. Most of the loop is single track. Water bars on the ups and the downs keep you thinking. The course was in pretty good shape. Only had to hike one steep little climb because of too much slop. There was some noteworthy pre-race excitement involving an irate Frisbee golfer voicing (yelling) at the race promoters, accusing them of ruining his day. I wonder if he realized the race course carefully tracked around and away from his disc course (no pun intended). Anyway, I settled into the race with two other guys at 6, 7, and 8th place. I was able to use the last climb to break away and hold it steady for 6th place (Out of 13 starters).

MASS #6, Tour de Tykes, Danville, PA, 6/04/05: The only point - to - point race in the series is kind of on the short side at 17.5 miles for Expert. That said it's a fantastic 90% single track course with serious climbing that matched up to some curvy, off-camber, and on two occasions really fast, descents. Wet and loose shale in the mix on some of the climbs was a popular topic during the race (cursing included) and after (less cursing). I came off the line feeling pretty good and paced up the long starting climb in 3rd place. A downed piece of caution tape sent me and few others down the wrong path for a minute. I lost a spot to the turnaround and then another to a stronger rider and ended up 5th out of 10 starters. Turns out I'm consistent if nothing else and that has held me at 2nd in the series point standings since race #3. www.masuperseries.com

Josh West

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