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Battle and 6 Hours at Burlingame 2018

Team Bikeman - Race Reports

Well... even though I am still going through post-operative rehab, I won't be cleared to ride until mid June. I had begun to ride fire roads and light trails at the 13 week mark (about two weeks ago). I just dismount to cross fallen logs for now - since my shoulder is still quite sore with little strength to resist forward pitch. Sunday, I decided to register for the battle of Burlingame - since it is an easy "flow" course and they were running a "sport class" at 2:30pm - after all other racers; on a course that would be dry and bedded in. 3 laps of a little over 4 miles each seemed perfectly manageable. I would run my Chameleon in "safe mode" (27.5 plus) and hang back at the start to avoid possible entanglement/re-injury. Everything went as planned and I finished dead last in the class but was not passed by anyone in the two classes behind me - sport women and Clydesdales. Okay for almost 4 months off the bike - unable to even train in that suspension sling. A longer list of lame excuses is available but still a whopping 20% slower than what would be considered "competitive" prior to being injured in October. Now, some of that would be made up by not running a 30lb burly hardtail with slow rolling 3" wide tires and rest from hard work and shedding the lead from my gut over the next 6 weeks.

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