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Anders Larson, Portland, ME

Team Bikeman - Team Riders

Team Rider: Anders Larson2016 RACING AGE: 52


WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher at Sanford Junior High School

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): Expert Mountain Bike (cat 1 USACycling MTB and cat 3 cx, Expert EFTA)


# OF BIKES OWNED: Kona Major Jake, Kona Privateer, Kona Hei Hei Supreme, Kona Process 134DL, Kona Minuit, Kona Zone One , and a Carver Beast O’ the East fatbike.

FAVORITE BIKE: My Kona Major Jake has really changed my mind about carbon frames. This thing is stiff laterally and comfortable vertically while remaining really light. I'm really into my new Process. It’s my first 27.5 wheeled bike and with the relaxed geometry it’s a total blast to ride. I have too many bikes, but I seem to find a use for all of them.

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: My regular ride from home are the Presumscot River trails in Portland.. I really like riding at Bradbury Mountain as well as the Kingdom Trails in Vermont. Bradbury has some of the best riding in Southern Maine, and the rangers deserve a huge thanks for embracing cycling. Falmouth is really becoming a hotspot, too.

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES:I have said before that I have a selective obsessive compulsive disorder, and I have selected bicycles. Riding bicycles, fixing bicycles, reading about bicycles, and talking about bicycles takes up an incredible amount of my time. While not a complaint, I wonder if it is a healthy obsession or a soul sucking ball and chain. My goal for the 2016 season is to race more cross country events and then see how much energy I have for cyclocross.

Racing for Bikeman.com has been really terrific. We are a great group of people who all have a bit of the obsessive compulsive disorder around bikes, and I love the support I receive (and hopefully give) from my teammates. I look forward to good times under the red tent and going all out whenever possible.

Do you have a passion for racing bikes? Want to be part of the Bikeman team? Email Alan our Team Manager for details.