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Tom Hoppe, Denver, CO

Team Bikeman - Team Riders

Team Rider:  Tom Hoppe2016 RACING AGE: 36


WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: Working from home. Or the trailhead, if there is internet service

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): Enduro (BME Series), long distance MTB, Bikepacking


# OF BIKES OWNED: 5 - Intense Carbine 29 (Enduro rig), Trek Superfly 100 (Endurance race rocket), Kona Raijin (Bikepacking extraordinaire), Kona Major Jake (road, cross, training)

FAVORITE BIKE: The Carbine fights with the Kona as my favorite bike. If I'm going downhill, the Carbine wins. The Raijin is just an amazing adventure bike though

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: Moab wins out for me. Whole Enchilada all the way down with the Porcupine singletrack being the best section.

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Computers, cars, video games

PERSONAL NOTES & QUOTES: I've recently moved to Colorado and with that come big mountains and big adventures. For 2016, I'll be doing the BME series, a few 100 mile MTB races (including Leadville), but my main race will be the Colorado Trail Race in July. I've done a few bikepacking races back in the SE, but nothing as long as the CTR, so I'm very excited about it for next year!

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