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Jonathan Salinger, Providence, RI

Team Bikeman - Team Riders

Team Rider: Jonathan Salinger2016 RACING AGE: 54

RESIDENCE:  Providence, RI

WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: Mortgage Network Downtown Providence and Downtown Boston Offices

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S): Enduro and SuperD 50+ Open (Cat 1 if offered) DH 50+ Cat 1 (with Cats 2-3 combined

# OF YEARS RACING: Ran a few XC races from 1995-2000 – Bought a NORBA license in 2001 so 15 years – was seriously racing from 2001-2005 and the again from the last Enduro race in 2013 to present and beyond

# OF BIKES OWNED: 6 in total: Santa Cruz V10, Trek Remedy 9.8 29 set up for Enduro racing, Vassago Jabberwoky 29’r Steel SS Hard-tail with Fox F29 fork and i9 SS rear hub, Transition PBJ Dirt Jumper, Schwinn Beach Cruiser with Large Basket and fenders – what I use for a road bike and to pick up Chinese food), ’07 Ducati GT1000

FAVORITE BIKE: My Steel SS Hard-tail of course! Best for fun, finesse and flow on my local loops!

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: My custom loops in Big River Management Area, West Greenwich, RI

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Telemark/Backcountry Skiing with my two sons

PERSONAL NOTES & QUOTES: I love (working on) hitting big lines on big trails.. Racing is a way to connect with others that share this passion… and chilling with the folks I meet at the camp site – cooking, eating, drinking, laughing.. these are the best of times… ..and I love showing folks some of the best trails in New England (or just riding them with my dog, Rozzi); I am an RI-NEMBA ride leader for Big River Management Area (8000+ Acres) and Arcadia Management Area (approx. 18,000 acres).. Come on down for a ride.... Let me put together a loop for you… 10-15-20+ miles non-stop flowing single track!

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