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Latest Product Reviews and Introductions

2020 Kona Hei Hei

Frame / Bike Review

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 00:00

Sometimes a new bike feels great out of the box, and sometimes you have to fiddle with things to get it right. That was definitely the case with this new bike. The bars were too wide, the top tube and wheelbase too long, and the gearing way too low. I couldn’t get comfortable on the bike, and wasn’t even sure if I would keep it. So I kept my old bike – a 2013 Hei Hei - and rode that a lot.


Kona Libre DL

Frame / Bike Review

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 00:00

At long last summer has arrived in the west. I had been eyeing a new bike for a few years and finally the time had come to pull the trigger. I decided on the Kona Libre DL because of its pedigree as a gravel bike and also because it seemed like it would convert easily to being my go-to road steed.