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SKS P35 Fenders

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and they can make the experience of riding in the rain quite pleasurable. However, they could be a lot better with a slight redesign. 1) Like virtually every brand of fender out there, the front fender doesn't ride low enough behind the front wheel. You will still get a large amount of road spray on your bottom bracket, derailler, and feet. With a mudflap ( I recommend a long strip from an old, wide leather belt) extending almost to the ground, your feet can remain amazingly dry in even moderately heavy rain. SKS should include even a cheap vinyl flap with the fenders. 2) The non-dropout mounting points are too inflexible- they assume that you will only mount the fender to a brake bolt, when in reality a lot of bikes have mounting points specifically for fenders under the seatstay bridge or fork crown. For example, the front fender mounting point is riveted to the fender. If you want to use an alternate mounting method, you have to drill out the rivet. A simple bolt in place of the rivet would be nice. 3) The bolts that come with the fenders should be stainless steel and have allen heads, not slot heads. There also should be a shorter bolt provided so you don't end up interfering the with chain or cogs in the rear. 4) A selection of spacers would be nice to help maintain an even gap between the fender and tire. This is a key to good looks and debris-shedding ability. Most people have to make their own or put up with a sloppy install. 5) The fender stays, while still the best out there, bend too easily. I have to rebend them at least once a season. If you put the time into optimizing these fenders, they work great.

SKS P35 Fenders

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