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Sigma BC1106 Computer Review

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Title: Solidly built reliable German engineered bike computer
Reviewer:  Allen Rimits (PA)
Product Code: CY7157

Sigma has always been the dark horse of accessories. My first accessory was the Triled bike light. I bought it thinking I was taking a risk on an Asian knock-off as the brand was completely unknown to me. After three years of regular use as a commuter light, complete with being dropped on concrete regularly, it is as dependable and water-resistant as new. 

When it came time to shop or a bike computer I found Sigma again as a value compared to the other more known brands. Again I went for the Sigma thinking I might get burned by a cheap imitator but found not only was the price right, but the feel of it and the design of the sensor was better than the more expensive other brand it replaced.

The magnet sensor sleeve for the spoke is hard to get on, but once installed does not move at all making it very dependable. The rubber straps used on the sensor and the computer mount make installation easy and snug on any set-up. The single button design to change modes makes it easy to get the info you want on a ride. The average speed mode is very useful to gauge the intensity and monitor progress and to make things better it can be left up side-by-side with your current speed. If you're in a different mode the display will show an arrow up or down to tell you if you're exceeding or riding below your current average.

Simple design, solid construction and costs less than the other guys. It's a great bike computer and I've come to appreciate the value of Sigma accessories even more having used the BC1106. 

Bikeman's Description: 

w/ Bike 2 Sensor Kit. The ambitious computer for top athletic performance. The BC 1106 with its diversity of functions is the right choice for the athletically ambitious biker. The integrated storage chip prevents loss of pre-settings and total values during battery change, which is announced in due time by the low battery indicator.

Sigma BC1106 Cycling Computer Purchase
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price: $27.99
Sigma BC1106: w/ Bike 2 Sensor Kit. The ambitious computer for top athletic performance. The BC 1106 with its diversity of funct ...
MFR's Part #: 01159
Bikeman Product Code: CY7157

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