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Fizik Gobi XM Saddle Review

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Reviewer: Metro (Richmond, VA)

Review Title: First off saddles are a very personal thing and they fit like shoes. Everyone is different but this saddle is the only one that I've found is still comfortable 20 hours into a 24 hour solo race or 90 miles into a 100 miler. I used to really like the WTB Rocket and Pure V saddles because they seemed to fit well and were padded enough. When I started doing rides longer than 3 hours I started going numb and things got uncomfortable. After trying out about 30 different saddles that I had borrowed from friends or found in the clearance section of local bike shops I came across a Gobi and my cycling life has been incredible ever since then. You might think that this saddle is a little pricy compared to the likes of something like a WTB Rocket but when you think about the amount of time your butt spends on it being happy it's easy to see that it's priceless.

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Fizik Gobi XM Black K:ium Rail saddle

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written by going green , August 28, 2011
You shouldn't ride until you start going numb and uncomfortable as this might cause cancer in this area as blood circulation is interrupted.
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