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Carver Bikes Carbon 29'er Rim Review

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Reviewer: Forrest (Bailey, CO)

Review Title: Best I've Had.

Review:I've been riding these rims laced onto I-9 wheels since late January. I attempted to build the front wheel myself but had difficulty keeping it in round, so our mechanic finished it off and completed the rear in full. He had this to say: "They're not much harder to build than aluminum rims." Brass nipples and 2.0/1.8 Wheelsmith spokes. I measured an ERD of 602. Final tension was 20-22 on the Park tensionmeter. Weight for the set was a bit over four pounds (without skewers). I used Caffelatex rim tape with a Stans tubeless valve, and mounted Hans Dampfs with 90ml of Slime Pro. Pumped the tire up (with a floor pump, no less) until I heard the telltale pop, and then reduced the pressure to about 25PSI (200lb rider).

My first ride was on slushy, snow covered ice, and the tire burped about an hour in. This happened again the next day, again about an hour in. For the next month, I used studded tires out of necessity (mine are not tubeless compatible) and rode an average of about twice a week on the wheels.

4-6 weeks ago, under the advice of indyfab25 ( ), I installed a Bontrager tubeless rim strip over the Caffelatex tape. Since then, I have not had a single flat, burp, or other unpleasantness in ~20 rides. During this time period, my pressure has fluctuated greatly. At the lowest possible pressure of 19 psi, I was consistently hitting rim, occasionally on sharp rocks and frequently at pace. Recently, I have begun to do a bit more freeriding including dirt jumps, 2-3 foot drops, and high speeds through rock gardens. Just for giggles, I flipped the lockout on my suspension occasionally before big drops. The wheels are as true now as they were the day they were built, and no one's done a thing to them.

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Carver Bikes Carbon 29'er Rim

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