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Raceface Flank Core shirt

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Reviewer: JackR (Boothbay Harbor, ME)

Review Title: Review of Raceface Flank Core shirt.


When searching for upper body protection, I feel like the common theme is that there is way too much protection (which is great for downhill) or simply not enough (not really good for anything). At first glance the Raceface Flank Core might appear to fall in the "not enough" category, but that is just not the case. They use D30 pads on the shoulders and back and a light foam for sternum protection. When I first put on the shirt I was amazed at how well it fit, it doesn't feel like the pads are hanging off of you, it conforms to your body. The shirt itself is a tight fit but not in an uncomfortable way, the material easily flexes as you change position when riding but the pads stay put. The Flank Core is very breathable, if you are looking to buy this as an extra layer it will do you no justice; that being said I am looking forward to having that feature on 90 degree days at the bike park and on enduro stages.

After riding with the Flank Core Protection for nearly 2 months I can see no issue with it and am really happy with my purchase. A couple weeks back I was riding very gnarly track at Windrock Bike Park, in Oliver Springs Tennessee, and had two crashes. The first one was a bad 'over the bars' front flip straight onto my back with scattered jagged and rounded rocks to break my fall. Qther than banging my shin and cracking my lid I was unscathed. The D30 absorbed the rocks beautifully. My trip or even my season could have ended right there but it didn't and it's because of the shock absorbing properties of the D30 foam insert. The second crash was more of a scrub out and I have my Raceface Flank Liner shorts to thank for saving my thighs but that's for another review.

All in all you can't go wrong with this product, whether you're a casual rider or like to get a little (or a lot) rowdier on the trails, I would highly recommend bringing the Flank Core along. All of the D30 pads are removable so it's a breeze to wash, and gives you the option to lighten your load while riding. Although it's so light that if you're like me, you'll probably just leave them in for that added 'peace of mind', because let's face it, in our sport, crashing is inevitable. It's up to you whether or not you will have the right gear to ride away from it. .

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RaceFace Flank Core Protection

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