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Accelerade Lemon Lime

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I've been using Acclerade and Endurox for maybe 3 years and I usually only use the Acclerade on race days or a ride that's over 2.5 hours.  The Endorux get's more use. Anything over an hour.  As far as the sweet goes, I got pretty much guts of steel and not much bothers them, but even I'll use HALF the recommended mixture on the package.  That said, If you've never tried it before and think that when you use it for the first time your all of a sudden gonna turn into a cycling god your going to be sadly disappointed.  I'm not telling you your wasting your money.  I'm telling you to be realistic.  I do think it helps. If you've experienced the chills and goosebumps while your sitting there sucking wind and sweating like a pig, I've found the Acclerade stops this.  The after ride Endorux I feel does the job by not letting you feel like you've completely "hollowed" yourself out after a long ride or race. In other words you'll be able to drive yourself home. So, I say give the stuff a try. If I'd have to chose only one it would be the Endorux hands down. The half mix ratio is just the right sweet fix your looking for after the ride and get's you ready for tomorrow's recovery ride in which you'll probably ride to hard anyways.

Good times, Jimmay!!

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