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Kona Zone Two Review

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True Confessions of a Mountain Biker
Kona Zone Two, M(53cm)

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a mountain biker. I am not a road rider. I do not like riding on the road. I view riding on the road as a necessary evil. I see road riding as a way to improve my endurance, power and speed in the woods, among the rocks, trees and mud, not speeding cars, chasing barking ferocious beasts or cracks deep enough to knock you off your game for months...

Then I rode the KONA ZONE TWO.

To say, I love this bike is an understatement. In fact, I've actually asked friends and my husband to go out for road rides!

The geometry of this bike makes it comfortable and stable in any situation I've confronted. I've ridden my Zone Two on the carriage roads in Acadia National Park, on gravel roads in the North East Kingdom of Vermont, commuted to and from work (wearing a backpack and riding a total of 50 miles each commute), been on longer endurance rides, and ridden like a mad-woman pedaling around downtown Portland. The Zone Two has responded well in each situation. When I put in any amount of effort gunning up a hill or accelerating from a red light to green in heavy traffic, the bike responds and moves. The Shimano shifters are comfortable and efficient; the brakes allow for a smooth transition from power to full stop.

The Zone Two has "invisible" eyelets which are, in fact, barely seen. I'm looking forward to my first set of panniers so I can ditch the commuter backpack. Perhaps I'll add fenders to that purchase so I can be an all-weather, tough cookie commuter!

The lightness and stability of the Zone Two makes this bike an excellent candidate for an endless list of epic adventures. Time to start planning!

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