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Origin8 Carbon Cross Fork

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With the success of the Origin8 29'er fork we were open to trying more of the Origin8 lineup.  When we started looking at their cross fork I still had a little trepidation because I am cross nut and I have some benchmarks in my mind of what a cross fork should be.  Namely the Alpha Q CX or the Ritchey WCS.  These forks set the standard of what a race level cross fork should be in terms of weight and strength.  They also set a pretty high bar in terms of price with the Ritchey coming in at over $300 and the Alpha Q coming in at well over $450.  That is a pretty steep price to pay if you are trying to keep your race rig affordable. That being said if you have deisgns on racing you don't want to be bogged down with an anchor on the front of your bike.  The same 'ol 3 way battle between cost, strength and weight.

Birds of a featherSo we took a shot and brought in some of the Origin8 Synergy Pro Carbon Cyclocross forks.  Wow, were we suprised.  Looking at a picture of something rarely does it justice and this fork is certainly the case.  Fit and finish is top notch.  Weight is out of this world considering the $219.95 price, a scant 430g uncut.  That is Ritchey WCS light for more than $100 less.  It is actually lighter than the Alpha Q for more than $200 less!  Ok, it is light, it is reasonablly priced.  Is it going to break?  Not anytime soon I don't think.  I have had one on my cross bike for several weeks now and works great.  The elegant curved leg construction looks very similar to the Ritchey WCS.

If you are building up a new cross bike this season or looking to drop some weight off your current ride this fork should be on your short list of choices.  Look for it on many of the new Salsa Chili Con Crossos that Team Bikeman.com racers will be piloting in cross races across the country this season.  If you want to see one up close and personal just come on up to us ask.  We are more than happy to let you check one out.         

Origin8 Synergy Pro Carbon Cyclocross Fork

Origin8 Synergy Pro Carbon Cyclocross Fork: Full carbon 700c cyclocross fork with 43mm rake. 1 1/8'' x 300mm carbon steerer. Includes top cap compression device. Cantilever brake mounts only. 430g w/ uncut steerer...
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