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Here are some specifics concerning the vitamins and minerals found in each tablet -

Sodium 250 mg
Helps regulate water balance in the body • Plays a crucial role in maintaining normal blood pressure • Aids muscle contraction and nerve transmission • Regulates body's acid-base balance • Fatigue • Mental apathy • Muscle twitching and cramping

Potassium 50 mg
Promotes regular heartbeat • Promotes normal muscle contraction • Regulates transfer of nutrients to cells • Maintains water balance in body tissues and cells

Calcium 30 mg
Prevents muscle or leg cramps • Buffers acid in stomach • Promotes normal activity in muscular system • Helps utilize Vitamin B12

Magnesium 50 mg
Aids function of nerves and muscles, including regulation of normal heart rhythm

Vitamin C 100 mg
Benefits those under emotional and physical stress • Increases immunity

Vitamin B5 5 mg
Releases energy from fats • Involved in the production of energy by releasing it from fats • Enhances exercise performance

Vitamin B6 8 mg
Makes amino acids • Creates neurotransmitters like serotonin and metabolizes energy released in creating red blood cells • Helps balance hormones • Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin B12 40 mcg
Vitamin B12 is important for metabolism. Metabolism within the body includes the processes of energy generation and use; including nutrition, digestion, absorption, elimination, respiration, circulation, and temperature regulation.


Zym Electrolyte Tablets: Box of 12 Tubes of 10 tablets. Proven formula provides electrolytes, plus B-vitamins to improve hydration and mental focus.

Coming soon - boxes of 20 individually wrapped, hermetically sealed packets for $14.95!

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