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 Ritchey WCS Locking Foam GripsLocking FOAM Baby!   It was only a matter of time before someone brought new life to the world of foam grips.   If you are old enough to have ridden a mountain bike in the late 80's you surely remember the disposable foam grips of yesteryear.   They tore easily, fell off when it was wet and pretty much sucked.   Even using the Grip It epoxy kit didn't work for long...   Well thanks to Ritchey and new grip technology foam is back. 

Alright so we know how bad the old foam grips were but they did have some redeeming qualities.   For instance, they are crazy light.   Seems obvious that foam would be lighter than rubber.   For this reason alone there has been a cult following of racer types keeping a few foam grip makers in business.    Another redeeming quality is that when they are new (ie not torn up), and the conditions were dry (ie they aren't slipping off the bar) they where pretty darn comfortable.  So it would stand to reason that if a company could produce a light foam grip that would not slide on the bar and was durable it could be a popular option.  

Here comes Tom Ritchey to the rescue.  Ritchey has continued to make the standard issue Foam WCS Ergo grips through the years and we still sell them on our site.    For 2009 Ritchey has introduced a locking version of the WCS Ergo grips.   The foam is attached firmly to a plastic sleeve that has little grippers on the inside.   At each end of the grip is an integrated locking collar that will snug up to the bar.   I will get an exact weight on these later this evening as our scale here at Bikeman seems to be on the fritz.    All the good things about foam and none of the bad and for a locking grip they are fairly inexpensive.  Complete product test and maybe a custom mod for using these with grip shifters coming soon.

Ritchey WCS Locking Foam Grips
Ritchey Locking WCS Ergo Grip, Black: Foam grips with aluminum locking collars are strong and easy to work with. Finally a tough ...
MFR's Part #: 38-226-920
Bikeman Product Code: HT3201

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