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Velox Jantex Belgian Style Tubular Gluing Tape

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In my opinion tubulars are the ultimate for cyclocross. Of course your tubulars are only as good as your glue job. Nothing will derail your race faster than a rolled tubular. That is why I have always been a proponent of what is referred to as the Belgian style (or method) of gluing cross tubulars which invloves using a tubular gluing tape along with traditional glue.

The result is a near bulletproof glue job that sometmes requires tools to actually get the tire off. My go to for the tape has always been the Tufo Standard Gluing Tape. Unfortunately Tufo either no longer makes it or Tufo North America no long imports it into North America becuase it is no longer available in the US.

So started the search for an acceptable substitute and I had some sleepless nights but I finally found the solution. Velox Jantex Tubular Gluing tape is the ticket. It is a very similar product to the Tufo Standard Gluing Tape in material. The most noticeable difference is that the Velox is thinner, not narrower mind you, just thinner. Where as I could get away with only one layer of glue on the rim and one on the tire with the Tufo tape I use 3 thin layers each of Mastik One glue on the rim and the tire with the Velox. The results are virtually the same as with the Tufo tape, an extremely confidence inspiring glue job. Especially if you try and remove the tire from the rim after it has set up. Even better, it is less than half the price of what the Tufo Standard tape was.

We have the Velox Jantex Belgian Style Tubular Gluing Tape in stock now and ready to ship so you can get your tubies ready for race season. One roll is enough for 2 wheels.

Big Al

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