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Kona Unit Single-Speed 29'er Frame

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The Unit has been a fixture in the Kona lineup for the past decade. While the model has evolved over time (sliding dropouts, 29" wheels ...) the core characteristics that made the Unit one of our favorite bikes back in 2002 remain the same today. The 2012 Kona Unit, like its predecessors, features a butted Cromoly frame that produces a stable, comfortable ride that will outlast your tricked out plastic bike (and probably your knees).

Kona Unit 2012 Frame

Sliding dropouts have been a staple on the Unit since 2004 and have not changed too much over the years.  The 2012 Kona Unit also features cable stops for both rear and front derailleurs.   By simply changing the drive side slider to one that has a derailleur hanger you can convert you Unit into a geared 29'er hardtail.   A very well thought out design feature that adds to the Units versatility.

At the other end of the frame we see a simple gusset under the downtube, the classic Project 2 fork and one of the best looking headbadges we have seen in a while.   The gusset is designed to strengthen the frame at a point that receives a large amount of stress on a rigid frame.   You will also notice an oversize crown race seat on the new Kona Project 2 rigid 29'er fork.   The Project 2 fork is constructed of butted Cromoly tubing designed to compliment the tried and true 29'er geometry of the Kona Unit.  And we do love the "Kona Cog" headbadge!

Holding the frame together is a standard threaded bottom bracket shell.   We wouldn't expect to see anything else on a classically designed steel frame.   Behind the BB shell Kona uses a boxed Cromoly yoke designed to stiffen the important chainstay / BB shell juncture.   Single-Speeds are all about power transfer and stiffness at the bottom bracket shell is of utmost importance.  Kona has tried a few different Cromo yoke designs over the years and this is by far their most refined version.

Each year we look to see what new offerings Kona will have and each year they have some great new bikes.   From new carbon cyclocross and hardtail 29'ers to 6" travel trail bikes, Kona always has great new products to offer.   One offering that we know each year will be a big seller and hope that it doesn't stray to far from it's roots is the Kona Unit.  The Unit features a proven design and frame material that has stood the test of time.   Like the seat tube badge reads the Unit "Works Every Time".

Kona Unit

Kona Unit 2012


Unit frames are available to order on our Kona Single-Speed Mountain Frameset page.



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Kona Unit 29er Derailluer Hanger
written by Michael , May 05, 2012
Do you know where I can obtain the derailluer hanger that will convert the Kona Unit single speed to multi-speed?
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