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Keywin CRM and Carbon Clipless Pedals

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Keywin pedals have been around for quite awhile, 1983 to be exact.  Right around the time when Look pedals were being introduced to the world, Keywin was being launched down in New Zealand.  Keywin pedals have been popular in the "down under" region ever since.  They have many innovative features that, well, most of the road pedals that are more well known in this neck of the woods cant't touch.




The biggest difference with the Keywin CRM and Keywin Carbon pedals is in how they "float".  With a traditional pedal, a la Look and Shimano, the interface between the cleat and the pedal is secure but with some play to allow the foot to float.  Float isn't a bad thing, in fact it's what helps prevent injuries by allowing the foot to move through it's range of motion in more natural way.  The issue with the Look/Shimano pedal/cleat interface is the loss of power from all that movement, or float.  That's where the Keywin is superior, the cleat/pedal interface is rock solid with a large contact area.  Float is attained by allowing the axle of the pedal to float on a purely horizontal plane inside the pedal body.  This is achieved by placing the axle bearing is a special bearing carrier that allows up to 6 degrees of float.  It provides and amazingly solid feel that robs you of less power and still protects your knees.



Speaking of knees, these pedals also have 6 different axles available if you need that for custom fitting.  Lets see, what else...oh yeah, they're completely rebuild able.  The sealed bearings looks to be a standard sizesand Bikeman can get you all the replacement parts and axles you need, just give us a call.

Bikeman carries four different Keywin models:



So let's run it down - lighter than almost everything out there, stack height right in the middle of the range, more powerful and direct, 6 axles lengths available, completely rebuild able, race proven design, made in New Zealand, and a guaranteed "geez, what the heck are those pedals?" at every ride.  Only issue is you'll likely have a tough time finding cleats in your local shop.  Our team riders have found the cleats to wear quite well and we have plenty here for you if you need em. Maybe order an extra set with your pedals.
Kind of a no brainer, if you're up for it.



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