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Kona P2 Carbon Cyclocross Disc Fork

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When the Kona Project Two full carbon disc fork first landed, the reaction around BikemanHQ was actually sort of "meh". After all, it was a Kona P2 and we've been selling their workhorse steel replacement forks for years. $300 is a decent amount of scratch for any bike part, but in the full carbon tapered product category it's downright cheap. It's actually the least expensive one we carry. After we started to compare it closely with the competition (list at bottom of post), we found ourselves asking why anyone would want to buy a different fork for their disc equipped cyclocross or gravel grinder bike.


At $300 it has more going for it than any of the other full carbon tapered disc 700c forks we carry.  At 475g un-cut it's very competitive weight wise.  And despite the lightness, you know it's bomber first because it's Kona, and second because Team Bikeman has been racing on their OEM forks for years without a single issue.  It has a nice carbon matte finish and forward facing dropouts for easy wheel removal.



The disc attachments are slightly boxy compared to the Enve or 3T, both ofwhich have a wholesale cost higher than this fork.  That being said, the cable routing is perfect and easy to secure and the disc tabs are stout yet svelte.



The Whiskey Parts Co. No.7 is the closest thing to the Project Two in overall value and it still costs a over $100 more...and it doesn't even have truly usable fender mounts.  Speaking of those fender mounts, oon the crown there is a hole, much like you see on a road fork for the front caliper, except this time it's for fenders...or maybe some kind of cool light mount you'd want to MacGyver. Then there are these nice alloy removable mounts that are positioned perfectly above the disc caliper mount.  Now, if you've ever had or installed fenders you know utilizing these mounts will require a little custom modification.  It's a much better solution than trying to route the fenders support legs around a brake caliper which is not ideal if not impossible.  Give us a call, we can talk you through it.  And if you don't want fenders...just remove the mounts.



And to top it all off, Kona even includes a nice alloy compression plug (43g).  So, despite our initial impression, the Project Two fork has a ton a feature packed value at a fraction of the cost of other comparable forks.  You do what you want, but we'll be rocking this fork until we see something better.


Price/weight/compression plug/fender-ability comparison:

Kona Project Two - $300/475g/yes/yes, removable mounts mid-blade

*kind of a no brainer!

Ridley X-Ride - $309/?/no/no

Whiskey Co. No.7 - $410/459g/no/yes, on dropouts

Enve - $525/460g/yes/no

3T Luteus - $540/470g/no/no

Easton EC90 - $525/460g/no/no


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