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Race Face Next SL Fat Bike Crank

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The Race Face Next SL Spiderless Fat Bike Crank is here and boy is it purdy.  Billed as the lightest production crank on the market with the spiderless model weighing in at 495g without BB and a 30t ring, this crank is truly a sign of the times.  Single ring set ups are fast becoming the norm on high end drivetrains, and for good reason.  They're light, simple, and with the addition of wider range cassettes, narrow wide chainrings and clutch style rear derailleurs, drivetrains have plenty of range and virtually chaindrop proof.



You may be asking how RaceFace was able to make a crank so light. Well, the main advancement that makers it possible is the hollow carbon crank arms. Hollow crank arms are nothing new, but RaceFace has upped the ante by removing any sort of reinforcing sub-structure to save more weight.  You have to imagine the walls are pretty thin and the crank arm ends vulnerable... which is why they have a thick clear plastic rub guard on each arm and come with crankarm end guards (which are also available in colors).  We offer these puppies with 170mm and 175mm crankarms.



Another awesome feature is the chainring/spider interface.  What we are reviewing here is the spiderless version but you can also get spiders for 64/104 and 80/120 BCD. If you want to run a single ring they offer 26t-36t in 2 tooth increments. The direct mount chainrings are of the narrow/wide variety which are a Bikeman favorite.

Also of note is the 30mm diameter crank spindle. It's made of a new commercialized super alloy that is 20% stronger than conventional 7050 aluminium... sounds fancy.  The Fat Bike version is designed to work with 100mm bottom brackets and has versions for either 170mm or 190mm symmetrical spaced frames. Check out this guide for the nitty gritty on fitment

Fat Bike Crank Clearance Guide



And last but not least, is the new RaceFace CINCH system.  Ever done battle with a crank/BB/frame combo that you couldn't remove all the play from no matte how much you swore at it and showered it with your rage spittle?  The CINCH takes care of that, so easy tiger.  The long and short of it the addition of the nifty little pre-load adjuster collar and bolt on the inside of the non drive crank arm. You just get it nice and dry fit and then back the pre-load collar off until it'ssnug yet smooth, tighten the collar bolt, and boom, you're grabbing a fresh beer and thinking about how awesome you are for a job well adjusted.  If you want a better view of how that all goes down check out the link below.

installation instructions

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