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RaceFace Turbine Cinch Crankset with Direct Mount Chainring

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RaceFace Turbine Cinch Crankset with Direct Mount Chainring

Just in at Bikeman HQ - the RaceFace Turbine Cinch Crankset. The popularity of their RaceFace Next SL Cinch Crankset was huge, but the price tag was a little steep. By updating the Turbine with some of the SL’s features, RaceFace is giving rider a tremendous new option. RaceFace built it’s brand on the original Turbine crank back in the day and honestly the current version has a lot of the look of it’s forebearers but with an huge bucket full of awesome features. Lets walk through them shall we…

Direct Mount Narrow Wide Chainrings and Spiders

One of the best things about this crank is it’s versatility.  If you find yourself constantly changing the set up on your rig or swapping parts between bikes then this crank will definitely make you smile.  You can buy it in a number of standard configurations either as just crankarms for an a la carte set up with the chainring of your choosing or pre-assembled with Race Face bits. The CINCH mount interface allows the use of RaceFace's direct mount narrow wide single rings or one of two spider configurations (104bcd & 120bcd) to let you run any of the possible double or triple chainring configurations out there. Give us a call if you have any questions about what will work best for you. We have a great article for setting up single ring drivetrains with narrow wide chainrings and clutch derailleurs if you're hip to that.

Bottom Bracket and Spindle

RaceFace starts with an industry standard 30mm splined spindle that allows you to use it with virtually any Bottom Bracket (BB) interface. Traditional threaded BB? No sweat, somehow they manage to stuff a 30mm spindle into that tiny BB with their proprietary BB (we've been wailing on it with the Next SL and they're holding up amazingly well). PF30? On it. BB92? Yup.  Need a 100mm spindle to put it on your fat bike? Swap out the 68/73 spindle for a 100 and you’re set. Only BB it won’t work for is Trek’s proprietary BB95. Pretty darned impressive. Another unbelievably awesome feature is the pre-load collar on the inside of the non-drive crankarm around the spindle. No more fiddling with finicky loose spacers to get rid of that tiny bit of play. With the Cinch System you can just back the collar off from the inside of the crankarm to get the perfect amount of preload, tighten the worryingly tiny 2.5mm allen (it'll be fine if you don't hamfist it)

The Crankarms

Keeping with tradition, the crankarms on the Raceface Turbine Cinch Crankset have quite a bit of CNC machining.  What’s different here, presumably to help keep the cost down, is that they are forged and then CNC’d on the outward facing surfaces only.  It’s not an ordinary forging however in that there are “deep pockets” in the backside of the crankarm to keep them respectably light. They claim a weight of 675g without a BB on the 170mm with direct mount 32t chainring.  Our 175mm with direct mount 32t came in at 622 on the digital scale. Nice when the discrepancy goes that way instead of the other.


Honestly, this crank is pretty much the best balance of cost, weight, aesthetics, and adaptability out there right now.  We had quite a shop discussion after hours over beers about which, if any, crank was better and in the end it was anointed the best of all worlds. Give us a call if you want to build up something funky or just order online.  You’ll be glad you did!

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