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Timbuk2 Bags

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About Timbuk2

The Tao of Timbuk2

Timbuk2 is more than a bag. It's more than a brand. Timbuk2 is a bond. To its owner, a Timbuk2 bag is a dependable, everyday companion. We see fierce, emotional attachments form between Timbuk2 customers and their bags all the time. A well-worn Timbuk2 bag has a certain patina-- the stains and scars of everyday urban adventures. Many Timbuk2 bags are worn daily for a decade, or more, accompanying the owner through all sorts of defining life events. True to our legend of "indestructibility", it's not uncommon for a Timbuk2 bag to outlive jobs, personal relationships, even pets. This is the Tao of Timbuk2.

City-Born and Street-Tough

Timbuk2 has been a San Francisco original since 1989. Stitch-by-stitch, bag-by-bag, we've built a solid reputation and a loyal following among real-life, hard-working bicycle messengers and cycling enthusiasts.

Over the years, our messenger bag emerged from its working-class roots -- adopted by a growing number of urbanites, students, and young professionals as a stylish alternative to the ubiquitous two-strap daypack and the formal black briefcase.

Products To Delight Our Customers

As we move forward, we remain faithful to our working-class urban roots, while expanding our city-bred sensibilities to a broader range of products and a wider audience. All of our new products share the same sense of style, toughness, attention to detail and dedication to quality that have made our Classic Messenger Bag a true classic.
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