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Panaracer Cinder X Tire

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The Cinder X shines the brightest on fast, twisty, and dry courses. It rolls fast and corners well on grass, pavement, and hard pack. The large volume helps smooth out any rough sections. Fast chicanes involving quick side to side transitions, are seamless. The tires roll onto their edges beautifully.

Since this is an all conditions tire, it also performs decent on the slick stuff. It is not the best tire choice for deep mud, because the large volume tends to float a bit. Tracking in greasy corners is ok, not the best, but as long as you run the pressure low you will be alright. The lowest I have/will run the pressure is 38psi. I ran them at 38psi for the CX nationals in Providence in the snow last year and in the semi greasy conditions this year. I weigh in at 170lbs, and while I did bottom them out a few times, I haven’t pinch flatted them. Once the tires break away they are predictable.

A small negative of the Cinder X is its durability. On the rear, the soft, square shaped tread pattern down the center of the tire shreds fairly quickly under hard accelerations, especially of the pavement. You should be able to make it though a whole season, but by the end the center knobs on your rear tire will be looking low.

The Cinder X is an excellent tire. It might not be the perfect choice for every course, but the majority of the time you won’t be able to blame your choice to run the Cinder X for a bad outing. So, if you are looking to save some cash by not having to buy a couple different sets of tires for different conditions, or you are like me and don’t want to deal with the hassle of gluing tubulars for the ultimate in performance, the Panaracer Cinder X is a good pick. I give it 4 Bikeman heads.

John Burns

Panaracer Cinder Cross

Panaracer Cinder Cross: 700x35. Great new all-conditons cross racing tire. Tread pattern based on the Cinder MTB tire makes the Cinder Cross roll fast on the flats and hook up like mad in the corners. Small block tread holds in any condition and sheds muck. ZSG compound grips when wet....
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