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Cyrious Java

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My greedy little fingers scoop up and toss the package on the counter.  I am quickly sidetracked again, figuring it's my Lake shoes although it did feel a bit heavy. Soon I get a little whiff of something.  Check the kitchen, nope nothing on, oh well back to nothing. Soon enough, there it is again. What is that? Dunno, lets open up the package. No shoes, some road tubes, MTB tubes and a set of mountain tires all from Team Bikeman's generous sponsor Panaracer. Cool! And one more thing, CYRIOUS Java. Thats the smell! O.K. now lets get this straight. Through a shipping box sealed with shipping tape AND sealed in ziplock plastic bag then in its own bag (that resembles a New England coffe bag) lies this bag of coffee. WOW! how strong is this stuff?

Now I REALLY like my coffee but when Chris Cyr first mentioned he roasted his own I was thinking, "Oh, thats cool."  You know, that same thought you get when someone tells you they brew their own beer?  We've all heard those stories that never seem to have a good outcome. So here we go. What's the worst that can happen? You try it and if it sucks you throw it out. Big woo.

I open it and see real dark whole beans and in the grinder it goes then on to the maker. As I dump it into the coffee maker, which I might add has a lot more hours on it than any of my bikes, I was starting to like the smell. Good and strong. Then I started to wonder if this was going to be like that Shock Coffee that some of you may be familiar with. One note, I drive for a living and many of my runs are 400 miles a shift and a fair % are done on the overnight. I also drink my coffee black so I can really tell the difference in what I'm drinking.  But at 2 am and your jonesing for a cup you'll take what you can get. Drink a cup of Shock straight black and that will even bring my top lip up over my forehead. Nasty,nasty coffee,you have to mix it with something a little less, I'll say "flavorful." That said, coffee's done!

Here we go, just a sip, don't want something in my mouth that tastes like the filter, even if I do like it strong. HEY! Not bad. A little more, GOOD! It is strong no doubt, but the catch is there's no bitter,  nasty aftertaste. Real good!! How he can make it with so much flavor without the bite on the end I don't know but he did. Ever since I opened it I haven't used any commercial brands at home. I'm going to buy a thermos and fill it with CYRIOUS Java most every day. Excellent coffee! If you don't like this you are not a coffee drinker. One more thing....Holy jitters...BIKEMAN!! GOOOD, GOOOD, coffee!!...........JIMMMAY out

Editor's Note: CYRIOUS Java is not currently available for sale on the website.  Chris Cyr roasts in small batches to ensure only the freshest product for discerning coffee lovers.  If you are intersted in trying some CYRIOUS Java drop me an email and I will put you in touch directly with Chris so you can get some of the original Bikeman Attack blend of your own.   
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