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Kona Unit 2-9 Frame

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So I found myself browsing forums and reviews trying to find some kind of rhyme or reason to the claims that just having a 29 inch wheeled mountain bike is going to save your dirt loving soul. After much consideration I decided to go with the Kona Unit 2-9. I don’t ride any mountain bike that has gears; this will make my comparison as basic and scientific as possible.

When I received the Unit I was astounded when the paint shown out of the box like green sunlight. No picture does this paint justice; it’s the perfect leafy color that looks at home with dark West Virginia mud all over it. The black logo traced in grey not only looks very good against the green, but also helps to marry the black color of most components with the frame. Judged purely on ascetics this ride receives 5 stars 2 thumbs up a presidential seal of approval and most importantly a 5 on the bikeman scale.

ImageThis however is not the kind of review that focuses solely on ascetics. Form means little without function and what you need to know is how this thing rides. Simple and straight to the point, it rides like you have always wanted a bike to ride. It soaks up stutter bumps and vibration, steers true, and does NOT flex when you stand to pedal. This bike is a true ambassador for the new steel. I have taken it down gnarly rock gardens, as well as up and down root farms and it performs fantastically in any situation. If you’re a weight weenie (as I am) you will be concerned with the frame weight. It was my primary concern when I ordered this bad boy, and when I built it all up and rode around it around the parking lot it didn’t feel light. However once you get it out on the trail and it tracks through mud in a nice straight line and corners with great confidence, the consideration of weight seems to drift away like a bad dream. As a single speed this 29er performs like lighter aluminum frame without all the expensive chiropractor fees. If your looking to make the conversion to larger wheels save yourself some time and money, because you won’t find a better 29er for twice the price that’s half as the cool. The bottom line is that I don’t know if 29ers are better or faster than 26 inch wheels but I know that I enjoy a bike that rides smooth, fast and doesn’t cause any undue pain in the posterior if I don’t stand through a rough section. This frame hasn’t caused me to sell off all my 26 inch wheeled bikes but it definitely has some of them collecting dust in the garage.

Jesse Stevens

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Kona Unit 2-9


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Kona Unit 2-9, CroMo 29'er Frame: Hardtail Cross Country Single Speed Frame for 29" Wheels Made with Dedacciai SAT Cromoly Butted Tubing for a responsive, reliable ride. The frame actually came in with canti mounts and braze-ons for derailleur cables. All you need is another dropout with a hanger and you can gear it up. A versatile...
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