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Lazer Genesis Helmet XS/M

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ImageI almost ruled this helmet out due to the name, since anything that makes me think of music dead weights Genesis and/or Phil Collins is usually immediately disqualified, but the thoughts of an uber comfy brain bucket that's getting glowing reviews, and also happens to be worn by current Belgian cycling stud Tom Boonen was enough for me to give Lazer another shot. It also didn't hurt that the Genesis looks great. As a graphic artist by trade, I'm a sucker for color coordination and the Lazer Genesis offered to Bikeman.com team riders matches our team kit colors of red, white and black perfectly. My motto is even if you can't BE fast LOOK fast! Right?

ImageAll kidding aside let's get down to fit, because that's what's important in a helmet. I went with the XS - M Genesis. When I pulled the helmet out of the box I was immediately struck by how hot it looked, and also how small it looked! I thought maybe I made a sizing error going with the XS-M. But no, it fit like a glove! The main feature is the Rollsys Fit system, on the top back of the helmet. As you probably guessed it rolls left to right tightening a retention band around the inside of the helmet making the fit snug and secure. The pads are super comfy and there's room in the back for a cap bill, ponytail, or mullet.

My first ride with it was a 3+ hour road ride and the only time I even thought about the helmet was about 2 hours in I reached up and easily rolled the Rollsys a bit tighter. No forehead rubbing, irritations or discomforts to report.

ImageI can't say enough about the style and fit. I'm used to a bike helmet making me look like Kazoo from from the Flinstones or some Star Wars Imperial general, but the Genesis actually looks great on and is so light you barely notice it. With past helmets I've suffered from plastic straps irrritating the sides of my head. I've yet to experience any discomfort with the Genesis. It's all good so far.

The ony thing I've yet to try is a helmet mounted light system. That will be happening soon but with the great fit, easy adjustment, room for a cord in the back and the ability to easily wear a cap underneath I forsee no problems.

Extra pads and a helmet bag are included with the Genesis. A visor is not available or compatitble, but I'm not much for visors anyway, I prefer a cycling cap and the visors are a little too motocross for me, but some may find it a drawback and is worth mentioning.

While I only have a handful or rides I am super impressed with the fit and attention to detail on this helmet. With replacement pads included I can't see having to replace the Genesis anytime soon, unless of course my skull meets up with some pavement or a tree limb but if that happens the helmet would have done its job. The helmet can be replaced my brain can't (if it could I would have done that ages ago!).

The retail price of this helmet will no doubt scare away all but the most hard core of cycling enthusiasts and racers but I feel that anyone who makes the investment and feels the way the Lazer Genesis fits will be thinking it's worth every penny.

Lazer received the Eurobike 2005 Award for the Genesis and now I'm giving it a full 5 of 5 Bikemans because I really don't see how it could be improved. I wonder which award Lazer finds more preistigious? Hmmmmmm.

Good luck and if you give the Genesis a shot I highy doubt you will be dissapointed.


"The Soiled Chamois"

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Lazer Genesis


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Lazer Genesis Helmet: Silver/Red, XS/M, 50-57cm. Patent-pending Rollsys fit system. 19 vents. Rigidity Brace System (RBS) for multi-impact resistance. Not compatible with a visor. Includes helmet bag & extra set of pads. Weight 324g. XS/M 50-57cm. L/XL 58-61cm. THE helmet of Team Bikeman.com...
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