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Maxxis Ignitor 29x2.1 Tire

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ImageI have found one that’s close but it’s a 26er, and you’ll have to read my other reviews for that one. This review is for those of you out there who are frantically trying to find tire performance in the big wheel category. The Maxxis Ignitor XC 29er is the closest thing I have found for big wheels to that fabled go all condition tire.

The new trend in Mountain tires is going wide, seeing a production bike with 2.25 or 2.3 is becoming more common with every passing season. There are a few of us left however that aren’t going all the way, a few who want a reasonable weight AND decent width. I have found 2.1 is just about perfect for my style of riding and once you figure that out its easy to choose a tire right? Not so, as you know there is a googolplex of knob styles out there and manufacturers will tell you they are all perfect for all conditions riding. The Maxxis Ignitor series is billed as a race tire that has “excellent multi-conditional performance” and while I find it to be a very fast tire with excellent corning traction and climbing traction, I don’t find its multi-condition performance to be “excellent”. I find that it is superior in the dry and medium soil for which it was designed and very lacking in the mud shedding category. In all fairness to the Ignitor, I have only found a few tires that will actually shed West Virginia clay mud; it sticks to your tires like paste and turns your “excellent multi-condition performance” tire into a 2.1 slick. Don’t misunderstand I absolutely love these tires when the trails are anything except sloppy mud; the cornering traction is extremely consistent, as is the climbing traction. The weight is low and they make your wheels feel lighter the second you put them on, and they have decent volume as I said 2.1 seems to work best for me in the cross country arena.

It’s unreasonable for us to expect any tire to perform fantastically in every condition, the tread height and spacing you need for low rolling resistance don’t often correspond with the wider spaced, and often larger knobs you need for great mud performance. The Maxxis Ignitor XC is a fantastic tire in dry and moderate conditions and will undoubtedly propel many racers to victory this season with its confidence inspiring cornering traction and relatively low rolling resistance, and many of you out there will definitely feel your doubts slipping away as soon as you rocket up that climb that your wheel normally slips on and rip down the other side knowing that you have predictable braking traction.

Jesse Stevens

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Maxxis Ignitor 29x2.1


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Maxxis Ignitor: 29x2.1, Black, Aramid Bead, 70a. The Ignitor tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and already has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. The well-spaced tread pattern fills in nicely to provide low rolling resistance in the straights, while the ramped pentagonal knobs provide excellent...
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