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Greyhound Juice

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Now to the actual product review. The best part about this salve is that it is in a deodorant like casing, making it easy to apply and makes it possible to not have to rub it in, although I’d recommend rubbing it into your skin for an optimal effect. You’ll notice that the smell is a lot more pleasant than the commercial market products (e.g. Icy/Hot™, Sportscreme™, Ben Gay™, etc), which although my wife still didn’t enjoy, she liked much better than the aforementioned products. You’ll also notice that the heat does not come on immediately, even with exercise. The thing I like most about this salve is that it seems to know when your muscles are getting to the fatigue point and then bam, like Superman, it kicks in to save the day. The actual heating time is roughly a ½ hour, but it does keep you warm throughout the exercise be it a 10 mile or 150 mile ride.

I have yet to test this product in extreme weather, but in mild weather, it does the trick and provides the exact amount of heat when needed. I’ll provide a follow up review once late November rolls around and cross is just heating up! So all in all a great solve, but remember, remove as much as possible before getting in the shower!

Joel Liefke

Dos Niner

Greyhound Juice Original Formula: A muscle warming salve containing shea butter and essential oils to warm muscles while conditioning the skin....
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