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The Order Status Manager is designed to automatically update status of orders that are placed online. Only orders that are placed online will appear in the Order Status Manager. Unfortunately orders that are placed over the phone will not appear in the Order Status Manager. Additionally, items that are manually added to web orders (by phone or email) will not appear in the Order Status Manager. If your order status is not available online you can always call us at 1-800-BIKEMAN.

As your online order moves through our processing system the status is updated to reflect its progress. We will also update the status of your order to reflect any applicable special conditions.

Order Not Found If you cannot find your order in the Order Status Manager, either the order number or email address from the order is incorrect or the order was placed over the phone not online. If you used your username and login to get your order history and the order you placed online is not showing up then you may have used a different username to place the order.