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Troy Nye, Irvine, CA

Team Bikeman - Team Riders

Team Rider: Troy Nye2021 RACING AGE: 56


WHERE I GO MONDAY MORNING: The Boeing Company, Seal Beach, CA

RACING DISCIPLINE(S) AND CATEGORY(S):  Expert Enduro Mountain Bike


# OF BIKES OWNED: 3 (Kona mountain bike, Kona road bike, Redline CX bike)

FAVORITE BIKE: 2019 Kona Process 153 CR/DL (Sexiest Bike Ever!)

FAVORITE TRAIL OR RIDE: Gooseberry Rim Trail, Washington County, UT

NON-CYCLING INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Bass fishing with my children

PERSONAL NOTES & QUOTES:  Cycling has played such an important role in my life. It has nourished me both physically and mentally.

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